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Use the following criteria to create a successful search.

  1. Start Date - highly recomended.
    Enter the oldest date of the committee meeting you wish to search.
  2. End Date - highly recomended.
    Enter the most recent date of the committee meeting you wish to search.
  3. Board & Commissions.
    Select a Board of Commission to search. If you wish to search across all Boards & Commissions, leave this field empty.
  4. Type of Document - optional.
    There are seven meeting document types to search for: Agendas, Approved Minutes, Architectural Drawings, Public Comment, Public Notices, Resolutions, Staff Reports, and All Other Documents. You may also choose to search across all document types by leaving this field empty.
  5. Keyword - optional.
    The Keyword must be surrounded by asterisks. Enter a unique word or words to search for within the "Title" field of the Document type selected above. Keywords are particularly useful when it comes to searching for the following document types: Architectural Drawings, Resolutions, Public Comments, Public Notices and Staff Reports.
    Keyword Search Example: (search all document types where the word "East Beach" appears on the title of the document).
    • Select Date Range.
    • Select a Commission (i.e., Planning).
    • Select All Document.
    • Type *East Beach* in the search criteria.